Your Going To Do What…??

Ok. Show of hands how many people recieved the response of “Your going to do what?” When you explained homesteading to a friend or family member. My hand is raised high in the air, right now. I recieved these responses:

– Chicken is cheap! Why would you butcher your own?

– You really want to move that far out into the country?

– Vegetables are cheap. Why waste the time and energy?

– Animals/ livestock are a headache and a hassle. They aren’t worth it.

-You won’t make any money.

Sound familiar? I thought so. It’s crazy to me, that things this country and many countries were built upon, seem so strange and foreign to us today. Yes, I know times are different. Things are way more convenient than they used to be. And don’t get me wrong that’s wonderful. But, sometimes doesn’t it just seem like something is missing?

About a year ago, I stumbled across Jill Winger from the prairie homestead. (Check her out) I completely and totally fell down the homesteading rabbithole, and I haven’t looked back. This was it! This is what was missing! I dove into books, videos, and googling incessantly. At the time and for a little while more, I live on rented land. Homesteading is a no-go with the landlord. I was constantly yearning to homestead. I learned to bake bread from scratch. I ordered seeds and started with a small raised-bed garden to wet my green thumb. I got chickens and rabbits, and binge-watched Little House On The Prairie!! Constantly, dreaming of more.

My heart is happy to announce that the time has come. Soon, I will start packing up my little house situated on an acre of rented land. I will drive thirty minutes out into the country in the middle of a national forest, and begin to settle on my five-acre homestead!! EEEKKK! This past year i’ve been biting at the chomp to break out full speed ahead into this homesteading thing. Now, its here. I’m shaking in my boots to say the least. Every person when chasing a dream asks themselves,

“What If I fail?”

“What if they’re right?”

Sound familiar again? I believe when your called and moved by something so deeply. It is meant to be. So here we go!

I’m inviting you to join me in my family’s homestead journey. We’ll make plenty of mistakes along the way, learn a ton, and bust our backsides. All the while growing, changing, and reverting back to a simpler life.

I hope we teach, inspire, and implore you to follow your dreams! Stay tuned ya’ll!!



3 thoughts on “Your Going To Do What…??

  1. We felt like that when we decided to grow our own Turkeys…I couldn’t get one here that wasn’t overpriced or freezer burnt….Have we made mistakes ..plenty…chooks are easier to rear than turkeys…Ours run free-range except at night(snakes) we have a chicken who thinks she is a turkey as for some reason she would rather mix with the turkeys and as she is more maternal than the turkey’s mums she sits on their eggs..Nature is funny…
    Next on the list is a cow once the house is finished…
    All I will say is it is a learning curve you will make mistakes and you will also have beautiful moments…Those babies are so cute and when your first veggies are perfect …There is nothing like it…Good Luck πŸ™‚

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