2020 Homestead Goals

Ok, so we’re packing up our home and heading to our homestead! We’ve been working so hard clearing the land and getting everything ready. This is by far, no overnight project. But with every tree cut, I cant help but to imagine what is too come.

It’s all coming along…slowly. But as we get nearer and nearer to actually being on our land. I can’t help but to think about realistic goals, that I could start working on a little each day. I’ve narrowed it down for now and will strive my best to accomplish these goals on my homestead this year.

  • Plant my biggest garden yet.
  • Raise and butcher my first flock of meat chickens
  • Buy and plant lots of fruit bearing trees/bushes/vines.

I’ve already begun to work on my garden. I’ve ordered a crazy amount of seeds!! I will share that haul with you guys, when all my orders come in!

As far, as my meat chicken goal. I’ve narrowed down where I will purchase my birds. Currently, we are working on the pen where the chickens will be kept.

The goal that I will definitely be accomplishing asap! Fruit trees!! Homesteaders! If your planning on building the homestead of your dreams fruit trees are a must! I can only imagine loads of peaches, plums, blueberries,etc!! 😍😍 Downside, it takes a while to get fruit! So, if fruit trees are in the future for your homestead, make those one of your first goals!

Wal-mart currently has raspberry, blackberry, and blurries bushes ready to plant for $5 a piece. They also have peach trees for $25 a piece. Now, I plan on shopping around for the best price. A lot of times you can find cheaper trees through family, friends, or flea markets. Just food for thought 😉

I feel that these are good goals to set. Goals, I can accomplish while still getting my homestead underway. In homesteading, it’s important to remember to cut your self some slack. What your doing is hardwork, if it wasn’t everyone would be doing it. Set a few reasonable goals and strive for them. If you check them off in 2 months or 6 months, or it takes you a whole year. Be proud of your progress, be proud of your work. Check those goals off and write new ones. Pretty soon, that homestead you’ve been imagining will get closer and closer!! There’s no rule book and no one is an expert. Just get started!

Here’s to a prosperous 2020 and awesome homesteads!!

See y’all soon 😁

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