Picky Eaters Unite For Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheeses!

Ok, so I think I may hold the world record for the pickiest kids. It’s definitely hard when you’re trying to move towards more clean eating. I do try to offer them more clean options now with plenty of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, I don’t want to force my way of thinking on them. So, occasionally I will let them have a treat that may not be so “clean.” Why is it when I put anything into grilled cheese form my kids are more than willing to give it a try? 😂 Recently, we gave combining two of their favorites a chance. Pepperoni pizza and grilled cheese. No shocker here, that it was a huge hit!

Did I mention it’s a three ingredient snack? And quick to make in a pinch?

Bread, Pepperoni, and cheese. Of course, the better the ingredients, the better the final product. This is just what I had on hand this morning.

Using whatever form of fat you prefer. I used olive oil to just grease my pan slightly, nothing heavy. But you could use butter, coconut oil, etc.

Layer the bread of your choice with Pepperoni and cheese. However, many layers is totally up to you. Top off with a second slice of bread and fry. I even kicked it up a notch and made an adult version for myself. Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and spinach!! Its a versatile snack that you can change and adapt to anything you have on hand. We just wanted to share this quick and yummy snack!! If you decide to give this a try with whatever ingredients you have on hand. Please share it with us in the comments!! Have a great Tuesday, y’all

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