What’s New At CMHH?

Well, we’re currently in quarantine. So, that’s new. Our grocery store shelves are bare, and this is definitely the part where I wish we were further along in our homestead journey. Also, the part where I encourage you to start your homestead journey. If you’ve been putting it off. We are pretty well stocked right now, so we’re taking each day as it comes.

On a lighter note, we’re finalizing paperwork on our homestead tomorrow. We’ve been super busy trying to get everything in order. But I thought I would share some happenings around the homestead.

Seeds are sprouting 😁🌾

I got a late start starting my seeds. But the crazy coastal weather and the tons of rain we’ve had lately. Made it quite difficult! Happy to report that everything is beginning to sprout. I have a ton more seeds, that need to be directly sown, so the sooner we get to our Homestead the better!!

Quack, quack! πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

In addition, to all the new baby chicks we have. We’ve added four ducks to our homestead. This is the first time, I’ve had ducks in years. Can’t wait to see them swimming on the pond, happily. These are Khaki Campbell ducks. First time owning this particular breed. I’ll fill you guys in on my review. 🀣

The expression, “Ugly till it’s cute.” Definitely applies to baby rabbits, right?

In all seriousness though! Look at these cute little stinkers!! Baby bunnies have also joined us here at Cross My Heart Homestead! I can’t wait to these guys get a little bigger. Bunny snuggles are the best! ❀

Oak trees at the Homestead are ginormous!

Look at that beauty. I had to share a picture I took at the Homestead today. The azaleas have started to bloom, all around the property! We’ve cleared and hauled so much junk and trash away! Hoping to start a youtube channel soon, so y’all can follow our journey, even more. I can’t wait to see this property transform!

That’s it’s for now. Just wanted to update y’all, about some of the new stuff happening! In this crazy time, the world is facing. I pray for you and your family’s safety. I pray for peace & comfort during this troublesome time. God bless the world.

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